They ask you to why bother writing and you stop and think, “okay, well, that ain’t even worth a reply of time.” They ask you “how’s the writing doing?” And then you think, “Hang on, I haven’t asked yet about your work day, anything of the sorts.” In fact, if I did I totally reckon you’d think.. “why ask about that? That’s none of his business, really.” So, basically, my interest in talking about the scribbles to anyone other than… say, a film director, an actor, or an instrumentalist of an exceedingly professional standard is absolutely zero. I wanna chat to them cos I’ll wanna pick their brains and know how they do what they do. To create more writing for myself. Instagram is for amazing art to catapult my standard, hopefully. Not much else. Literally a notepad to-self with, I guess, a little bit of pointless vanity in a literary sense. Hard not to have that when you know in your bones what you got bubbling beneath. It’ll come off as showy and whatever but, genuinely, it’s just… yeah, a notepad to-self. But it DEFINITELY gives me the visuals which poetry can only bring with it when, say, it’s on a wall with art to gather its meaning. But, what bubbles beneath is fairly… calm and creatively maintained

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