You tend to be soaking it up like a mother fucker Jones. You do tend to not entirely ask for that but… it just happens without your.. awareness, I guess you could say. That’s it. Just a mind opening itself up to creative interpretation of most things. Not all things but many. And, then… you totally forget once-more that you even like to write. And then… you read all of these hifalutin quotes by the ‘greats’, the greats of any art-form etc., and even if a small part of you might like to take some of it on board, what they appear to say is what they interpret as the EXACT way of the mind, any mind, and the world in general. And all simply because THEY think in such a singular way, naturally enough. And it bores the living shit out of you because, well.. they’ve been speaking to a mirror of interpretation ALL THAT DAMN time anyway. No-one has it exactly right. Or, perhaps they absolutely do… in their own vain-glory and singular sense anyhow. Only vain-glory if they say it over and over again and in the exact same way only tilted somewhat regards its delivery with words. Hmm… that may just make my ‘poetry’ scribbles rather a vain-glory thing, then 😱 Think I’ll have to sit with that one for a bit 🤔

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