This is your doctor
The tests are back
And you’re doing fine
Just fine
That’s great to hear
But tell me this then
Why am I as anxious
As ever
Because it’s a slow process
The slowest in fact
You won’t get better
Over night
Wake up one morning
Ready to take on the world
It takes time
I haven’t really got time
I’m thirty tomorrow
And I want to see my friends
Meet a nice girl
Take her out for dinner…
Without worrying about everything
And anything
It’ll happen… with time Brian
A slow process
And you’ll have your fair share
Of hurdles along the way
I’ve had my fair share of hurdles
Enough to stage
A thousand and one
I know, I know
But without wishing to sound cliche
You’re on the right track…
Very funny too
But ya, I do understand
Keep on keeping on
What are you doing right now?
I’m about to have my dinner
And what’s for dinner?
Ah, bacon and cabbage…
Well will you do me a favour
And try and savour every last bite
I’ll try and do that
And another thing Brian
Let yourself breath
From time to time
I will, I will
And another thing…
Yes Doctor
You owe me a hundred and fifty Euro for your last visit
But I don’t have a hundred and fifty Euro
Relax, I’m just kidding
It’s two hundred and fifty