This place is a disgrace
Just so you know it my wits are splintered
Severely and to a real point of no such gracious return
I’ve been at it far too long
Never get me wrong, you’re entitled to stay
Right where you are, but this just isn’t something for everyone
I get to watch the television whilst you fall upon your clapped-out-bed-for-all-of-the-wrong-reasons time and again
With the very next immaculate vision who comes into plain sight
You have the eyes, the charm and that damn thirsty thirst, while I will only ever get to be the wholesome nerd forever set to sit it out in a far corner
Thumb in no such pies whatsoever – Jack Horner’s rather lackadaisical nemesis, what some of your closest friends might perhaps go so far as to say
See, there is indeed some sense of humour hidden away someplace inside of these square-eyes
I do dream again of disguising myself ’til all of your homegrown stories finally begin to fall entirely by the wayside
Sometimes I also wonder though, just how many of these tales are in fact complete and utter lies!

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