“For someone to laugh and say, ’I’m a little bit OCD’ is literally the very same regards an utter level of out-and-out catastrophic misjudgement as many a person laughing and saying that their experience of the holocaust was a lesson learned in life.” I never even got to dream that this kind of a day might get to come. When there was total peace, as well as an opportunity to meet the potential in me, which I now know one million percent was undeniably, both unbelievably capped. And to such an outlandish and agonising extent that, again, no words will ever be capable of describing something so very especially painful. I read about OCD and other sufferer’s articles, and while many try hard, myself included, none of them seem able to succeed at even going near giving you an idea as to the actual level of mental suffocation that this mental illness can cause. So yeah, OCD is single-handedly the most misunderstood disorder out there. It’s not only up there with the harshest and most restricting, not to mention pummelling illnesses of the brain. It can in fact in many cases, the harsher the level of strength and total wipeout of course, trump nearly all of them, I imagine. Basically, to come back from what I came back from will always feel like a miracle and mostly down to my mother for somehow managing to even figure that it was OCD in the first place – like my balanced mind was the most lost needle in the hugest haystack possible and she worked tirelessly til she unearthed the thing. So yeah, I can totally get onboard with the saying “heroes don’t always wear capes”.

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