Hooked to this thing like everyone’s known business – they sit and see what it’s all been righteously about

Turn another cheek, speak in ridiculously, altogether indescribably ramble-some tongues

Have they been listening indeed, sure as the day is colour-coded in boisterous blue

Who ever knew a thing or two about words never took into noteworthy account your natural born steely-handed agility, the editing prepped by reading process a relative non-entity

This persuasive ability is quite honestly rather twisted and perfectly tuned

Soon as finely wired individuality breathes like wild-fire, gathered together amidst childhood dreams reminiscent and instilled by mild-fire

And to simply stand and think to dutifully salute you, for you achieved all of this amidst an invisible bullet whizzing by your addled mind

Never asked for any that, but my oh my, how they shall recommence to reconvene and ask for remarkably this thing

Either way forth you’ll give them the world, if and when they take your hand, witness your pen

Otherwise sit back down shrinkingly upon… and feel the sinking sand beneath their frozen feet

It will envelope them whole, whilst you pardon yourself outright to promiscuously dance


Remember, you were nothing but perfectly interrupted