Kenilworth Avenues favourite living seething Scripture-List – please, just buckle the fuck down again and get to returning ourselves back to the bodacious basics …

He eats his drivel n’ drive inside of these decidedly dilapidated Eastbound And Down coffeehouses printed with ease across a smile-happy city – wherever-wherein the once-upon-a-thrice story-line may adapt itself and wish to take him whichever a million-dozen ways can sincerely imagine

He would not perceive any of this if he was simply working by himself …
Yet, he does realise that The Greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return, even if she jilted him and left him at the adolescent altar of mistaken dreams …

Geriatric and overbearing prodigy of yesteryear that he is right now …
Generally more enthusiastic at being olden-days fantastical and oh how one wide-eyed and embarrassed Earth feels it for him every other day

Jumping through these mysteriously placed round-about hoops … and back again and forever gently against the wail of the singular page which will continue to sit glaringly within one upside-down three-storey – story – apartment

For misunderstood-at-first, apprehensively-seen portraiture, til it all manages to balance things up just a wee-smidgen of a little singular bit …

And these sinking, shrinking, still-screaming and scamming, scramming elements contained, constricted and undeniably constrained by this restless and wrestling, colour-coded construction which endlessly appear to finally
Let themselves in …

Something otherworldly and preciously, previously unpronounced

Utmost meek at being tiptorn and meagre

And here sits a Stolen Library of inescapably invisible finances – the completely ethereal gaining and against the grain of his bohemian-driven head is coming, running on a cross-bearing swear and an upset-tingly viable, rather promiscuously, precariously misplaced Jehovah’s Witness crucifix – these are absolutely the fun games to play / dishevel-faced, where the taste goes to sentimentally breathe …

There goes yesteryear … for its whole worthless worth
Multi-emotive at being altogether abruptly precise and insurmountably real

And he had been grabbing at crazy from the mighty – mightily –
tantalising sycamore tree-d sky which tends to bending itself and reaching again oh so fucking detri-mentally amidst this particularly peculiar gateway to secretively suggested oblivion

Is this perhaps the interesting, deliriously intriguing sub-section of his beating, nocturnally gymnastic brain, we have to bend ourselves on in and existentially ask his existential being

The plain mundane: to this posthumously, posthumorously pained and elusive artist again, again, a motherfucking ‘gain in red-ribboned reckoning

Til constantly criticising his extracurricular, dutiful ability, downright likeable affability …

A crunching number of meandering questions will still persist
None of which he can ever answer, until, that is …

And he will take a sneaky single big fat slurp and lip-sinking sip from the inner-insides of his beautifully bare-naked bottle of bug-eyed beer, locked in til bubbling uncontrollably til gently feeling it all for one next time

But for yet another chosen masterpiece of each aside every next unpredictable masterful piece which will endlessly beg from inner-within the meandering insides of his industrious soul-bearings

Of this, his illustrious-ly malnourished workings

Cool at being calm and outrageously collective
Collected his illicit-ally illegitimate kids too many times too many

He is standing in the basement, ready to finally s-w-i-m and shake himself off to the core and over and up, up, and away
He is this magnificently pressed, misrepresented enigmatic mystery and she still sees him for all of his whole wide ugly worth on out there / everywhere in fact

He is the man who adamantly adheres to much travailed industry
Descriptively-at-ease in one such demon-strative world of both his and standing-and-stood abruptly, nakedly awry She

A queer idea, indeed, undeniably breathes by meticulous way of unsuspecting miracle and oft than not a terrifically paralysing delay … …

For visually impeccable detail within one unsuspecting genius’s freeze-frame for foresight

For bare-knuckle insight
Please … just. simply. let. yourselves. give. him. some. time. to. play. pretend.

This. Is.
The unforgettable, incredibly unforeseeable curvature of the one whole lady
Who has forever belonged to his favourite best-kept Scripture.

He is done with waiting for his money …

Welcome to Paranoid Park, my friends

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