Toe-toe – the Lord Mayor ‘n’ I getting to wax joint-lyrical to beat the absolute band
Hand on my heart, pristine Lilliputians right from the very start – each ‘n’ every last goddamn one of them – I, the Gulliver, to their lifelong travels
Nevertheless, nothing too big, nothing ever too small
Seems we all do adore what can be oh so incriminatingly beautiful
Atop that, seems I’d a serious duty to do my utmost to set this folklore city alight
They did it though, really… they read all of the starred night long – nestled beneath three single serenading spots right at the centre of this particular land of wonder
Took me in as one of their own by the end – one preposterously gigantic author
Stripped me to the dry-bone ’till re-wiring me entirely
Good. To. Go.

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