He’d experienced year after year of anguish
Although appearing fine and dandy from the outside looking in
An alarming amount of pain he had felt, of that there could be no doubt
Owed to a constant and continued stress he’d turned terribly thin

Twenty-eight when he finally nipped it in the bud, putting it to bed
Soon he’d be able to work hard, thoughts minus a head full of suds
Thank the lord above
There no longer a constant pain in his poor head

Now when he went to bed he could read a book, take a breather, watch some telly
Without a God forsaken feeling at the pit of his belly, utter jelly
His decision were in fact making a lot more sense
And if he did manage to make a mistake, so what, no need to get so tense

He celebrated his marriage, looking at this gorgeous wife
No longer causing her a world of endless strife
Come and go as you like, taking the good with the bad
If she felt down, from that all too sticky experience he would tell her to smile and not be too sad