This silent enticement
A rush of borrowed blood
Cajoled excitement – makes roundabout
Sense of itself
A ginger-haired wannabe and wanton recluse, the wanderlust introvert
Settled to soar – nobody’s fool but for his very own
A living, whispering, breathless anomaly
All eyes rightfully arisen and right by his next great scintillated conversation – immaculately intriguing mouth-piece
The battle-hardened comicality with musical notes for comfortable footnotes
Beneath his meandering feet lies a constant kind of misshapenly creation calling out his rumoured name
And this piercing and unaccounted for evil which will neatly harpoon its jaded awareness
Near his bleeding heart-strings time again til that generational grandfather clocks strikes like it means it
Had to start someplace ridiculously specific, all of it a foot-step, stretched ‘n’ delicately stressed baby-step in a headlock only he knows
He feels it like he means it either way he gets to go
God doesn’t even let himself know anymore than we do
Set to strain at a special kind of ability
Imbalanced per mysterious chance
He does want you, just that his own outside-in maniacal mind won’t let him see – the intoxication is playing the balancing act all of its own, puppeteered to gather and finally gain it all
In love with the idea of a better version of you too
To break the borders of lambasted creativity
Some day soon the sun and spectacular moon will let themselves instrumentally collide and make love at the dusk of dust-arisen dawn again
He turns on one and watches the surface of her pretty little angular face make insurmountable sense of its comfortable self
She’s smoking her favourite pasttime cigarette and asks him to join in in the terribly terrific terrain
Watching her blow smoke rings naked is the most amazing thing he has ever seen, puts a spin on unhealthy
Could breathe all of it in
Unbelievably believable is seems to appear to prolong itself to nocturnally be – motherfucking supernatural happenings all in one place
And his twisted and embedded ring-finger meets with the screaming shriek of the pencil-skirted centre-piece of her wriggling atmosphere
Leans on in – to witness her vilified brain sing
Standing and watching, serenely infatuated and sharing a tobacco-rolled smoke to the core of their unrequited being, whilst the rush of chilling cold blood runs like a bargaining river
Right by the righteous realignment of their promiscuously accordionated feet

Seems he might just be in love with a psycho killer and you all know exactly who you might be – the higher the mountain, the higher he climbs