‘Tis a fierce fair question
But I just need to know… how the hell did we ever end up here!?
Somehow you managed to steer me in absolutely the correct direction
Discretion aside sumptuous precision
Not forgetting, never forgetting, those oh so goddamn pretty features
Both inside and resolutely out
Just one private message and you managed to somehow, anyhow, send my flailing mind into overdrive
One of a kind, no two ways whatsoever
Just so you know, I treasured it all, every single moment we did spend together
On out of my life for so very long but now, it seems, we finally get to meet once more right in the middle
A smile so many miles wide it can almost feel rather unnatural
You’re starting to kill me all over again…
In the best way possible
And you can quote me on that
Truth be told, I always and forever dreamed of holding your manicured hand once more
Floored entirely by all of our lavish surroundings
Thank you all over for taking the constructive time to instigate this particular procedure
Serendipitous for sure
See you soon
Certainly helps that you seem to love my words
You absurd somebody
You and your mother-fucking magic harpoon
The others were rather perfect procedures all of their own

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