It’s not an addiction as such but rather this… innate need to scribble just anything down. Now. Poetry isn’t what it is, of that I am now utterly sure….

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On the chopping board for now

They’ve fended for themselves and for far too long an instance of, Ahem.. instantaneous time. It’s a badgering and beleaguered affair spared, actually, judgementally between

Two enviouslyambivalentPeople: Pie-eyed bastards and…

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Por Encima de la Llamada del Deber –

Calming, creative, and oh, so very considerate, is their manner and malfunctioning endeavour actually.

The best that they can achieve came and went.. away with the fledgling of fairies, indeed.

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“When It Beggars Belief, Really.”

Yes, we poked around the pace of place and searingly searched… for that endless sense of… antagonised UPset, indeed(.) “What we have seen is Not What(?!) We Will Be(come):…

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There’s a dance that tried to catchFIRE(.)

Those thoughts were meant to be these trippy little mother effing thingsandIF(!!) we ever again

Suppose to ask the handing-over AND HanDlIng of ten wideAWAKE(!!..) and Opening of questions then


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Their BottledUPemotions.

They were caught turning their tongue right roundABOUT… and thinking about screaming these other DAFTly deafening things(!) …

and there’s a searing noisy little silence which seems

to be searching for…

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