‘Cape Fear’

Waste not, want not, to be extracurricular by way of delicious default – all eyes upon the gracious prize again, a gaining interest in all of these…

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‘A Blotted Identity His Appears To Be’

Clown ‘n out – blank-ribboned imbecile with high heels on upon
A plagiarised storyteller’s whiskey-coated dream : all of it seriously in(sin)uational

Bolstered by his crazy, lethargically…

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“Pleasure Me, Please”

Calm, cool-to-collected, radiance-in-sedation
Tremblesome souls abhor what’s plain mundane

You need to mean outrageously Everything

And he sits to sizeably settle, soak-it-all-in and to see
These fallen water-worked tears…

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‘When Insane Plays Games’

Slouched and vilified, by the deadened and darkening light
By these two-decade-long bombastic lies

The popular failing – a born-again man-child
Placed harrowingly, contagiously, obsessively aside
The wrong brain…

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‘The Ridge Has Been Bridged’

He is attempting to bridge this dastardly divide any which way he sees inner-wards fit – even the overviewed enemy plays a bargaining part in his parcel-strapped…

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Start counting, goddamnit

Bring this thing to the edge of reason and make it make sensual sense… Again

Be the very best out here, the…

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