-Openhearted Interpretations

Antagonised, they have come against the shape of the system and at a purely outrageous pace/ to playFULLY place their cards down NOW

Would be: to u-t-t-e-r-l-y underSTAND actuALLy… exactly…

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Primed To Dutifully Divide.

Yes. They’ve done a fair few epical things with their time, have even very nearly altered their state of starry-minded meanderings, very NEARLY even so much as miraculously managed…

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-Municipal Egos Guaranteed.

They have actually screamed it harder than any such same altruistic enthusiasm, have even started to suggest

Just ONE such another single thing, to upset the whole wide audience is…

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-Tapped for Numerical Gold.

Theirs were the minutes of minutiae calculation / the overstretch of bristling breath.

How many numerical eQuAtIoNs have they EVEN very-nearly stated to start

To fantastiCALLy take apART now(!?) Quite a…

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-With Motherfucking Wings, Please.

It’s in a rather real realm of its own CALCULATED creation – to CREATE IS to sedate

These starryminded people of diagnosed OVERindulgences and other finely engrossing events of sureFIRE(!!)…

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-Built With The SunShine In Mind.

Behemoth indeed is their die-hard, hard-crafted sense of activity. It has never been and NEVER will become.. a singular thing sIMPLY because, the cause Is FAR GREATER than..

The deathly…

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.Above the Cut.

They don’t seem to appear to wisely wish to want to have it all together AT ALL anymore, actually; they’ve even been taken to inordinate task: having ASKED for…

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They have taken the time to turn it completely on its head again, and to enthusiastically turn their attention delicately toward -cReAtiNg unputdownable magnificence. Indeed: do THESE mEaNdErInGs of…

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