‘Death By Delicious’

Paused thought, a gather of garrulous lucidity, an honorary exception to many an about to be broken Rules. – who’s been bothering to have’em all!?…

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‘Solvable Situations & Skin-Deep Peoples ’

Earmarked starkening honey-dew altering, dripping, a silly shy little septuagenarian individual who shall ceaselessly carry with him these ulterior conquests, emotively moving both shrewdly over-invested,…

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‘A Creative EyeCries’

Drafted oh, so very nervously, indeed – That never-ending downright degradation, both gladragged dilapidation … Of one such beautiful woman’s no less insistent and…

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A stone cold sober situation, both masterfully earmarked saturation – of namely these mind/happy people who shall stack upper-class shelves filled with lower-class bananas for…

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‘A Quiet Place Persists’

You push yourself. It’s like a brand new life and also a very, very first one. You realise, suddenly, that it always should have made sense to…

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Officially led by the length of her “sacrilege” arm – to bate and bare yet take it all of the ways immediately away ..Always, from…

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