‘Adolescent Breaths’

They walked by the circumference and held adolescent breathes for suitable hostage again – The fun was coming only they would need to necessarily scribble it in…

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‘The Hoodwink of the Century’

The chosen comfort abounding, and the confusing studio sets its own lucrative scene once more – the agile state of moving, manoeuvring affairs, the soon-to-be-seen clientele which…

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‘When All Of The Instruments Arrive’

That tidal wave of Pearl River creation, a solo showcase of utter disenfranchisement

Hours upon… and the nocturnally estranging wideness, weirdness, bone-dry idleness beneficially abounds amid complete…

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‘Ashes 2 Ashes’

Taking some of his pill paint, he neatly nestles it at the suffering surface – softly, slow and absolute nurture, please. Simply amply apply and gently ease…

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‘A Constant Climb’

A constant cacophony of unerring make-believe – the bold embittered comatose cold shoulder given over

To a piece of pure under-the-skin art

Attract the abstract…

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