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Went for a coffee with Ruaidhri. Absolutely love that guy – an amazing friend that really meets you in the middle. Intellectual guy, a thinker, and a supremely talented…

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‘Pink Parachutes’

Imprisoned – “unEASILY.” For breaking newfound bread with the upside-down, wound-right-UP anti-ChRiSt of typical denial. They’ve really exACTED their direly revenge times a thousand • whilst also listening to…

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‘Game Over, FANtastically SobEr’

They were all below board unbiased people and they seemed to know how to

Lose heavily and sprint anyway… “onto the stage of theatrical release.” They don’t even appear to’ve…

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“Our Kamikaze Minds”

They were definitely determined aboutDETERMINING the things which didn’t need deterMINING… were

Aching to misBEHAVE like a badly inundated pair of upstanding reprobates. We are winning games that no one…

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