‘Fallen From Favour’

Soon as a sense of significance and utter emotional turmoil
begins to unanimously overwhelm her argumentative body again,
and an amorously agonised reattachment happens amidst utter and…

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‘a world of hands’

standing her resound of ground, midst growth and exceptional interference- a unanimous, upstanding, wide awake woman who knows all that has been beautifully bestowed. to…

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‘Piano Hands’

The general energy to proceed with his mind ultimately electrified – laid layers of undiluted magnificence which ask, then beg, to ferociously instil… breakneck-speed bouts…

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‘Unrestricted Fear’

The practised ability to leave his past demons all of them delicately designated – placed at an irretrievable point of comfortable disquiet. These rambling, rather…

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‘Blood Worship’

Chaos is the chosen necessity for these 10’000 imprisoned people, who’ve been riotously captured near the ferocity of their falling fears : placed circumstantially both…

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