You really truly have done the utterly unthinkable with the ocd. You’ve overcome something so many times it really is… 🤩 no other words, really. Coman and the girls…

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“Hors d’Oeuvres All Round.”

When truly utilising their strength in depth they shall perhaps PERchance remain these

—indefatigable persons with (TWO…)many TumUltuous Things Upon Their Vaguely InterestedMINDS. Disinterested indeed and making iconic moments momentous…

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When… TASTES tend toward~~

They’ve been beneath it all and acting DragonBreath beautiful— “eeek and Awe(!)” for it is, in=DEEEEEEEED(…) a silenced dirt of night and MIND outRIGHT(..) When

“We <> needn’t fear for…

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There does come a time, I think, with the ocd when a sufferer needs to truly try their best and say goodbye to it. Now. Easier said that done…

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A fraction of substantial, thank you

How they did this thing is lightly antagonised and aptly anticipated as we go very venturously along NOW: to comfortably calculate their own state of

Masterful mindFULLness is gonna take—->>…

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