Of course I long for you and yours to come at me time again
Offering yourselves a well-earned, needless to say long overdue literary break
Sit it out and read from my rhyme, all along trying as you might to shake away those cascading cobwebs
Really I can only ever pray to the high heavens that you people never turn your back on me
Perceive the whole process to be a downright pain
I no more than the slackest of Jacks, forever and a day tacky
A lousy strain on your eyes, your senses as soon as you opt on reading
Perhaps I am being fairly greedy in the first place
Can’t say fairer than that
A disgrace to admit it but oh so true
There was always going to come a time when I really needed to make it rain
A little money in hand ain’t so bad
While I play around rather frightfully with my sleight of hand
Poems both happy and sad desperate to envelope you
I know it’s a pursuit that most certainly won’t, can’t work a treat for everyone
Almost no-one
Truth told it will more often than not be deemed a fairly haphazard and bold attempt
At reeling in the masses
A little over-flamboyant
No easy feat, that’s for sure, possibly I’m far too pure sometimes
Spilling my blood, my guts by relaying to a few of you my innermost thoughts
Fact of the matter is this, I sought you out
Still am, always will be
A tremendous thief in the night, if you like
Don’t worry, the weirdness of it all doesn’t pass me by, is never lost on me
Seems I just need to write