He takes the hungry spade and wades a most acutely strung war with the land – any land, his land of almighty, namely

And he brings all of these poetically enclosed syllables set in mind to the ‘table’, per se
Heaney, matching his angled and terrific pen for his farm-hand concentrated eye, with the dip and swift dig of aforementioned everything – these writers knew exactly what it was that they had been figuring to say

How we configure it all and at rampantly over-invested snail-pace – the balancing act theatrical factor, placed steeply fingered within/between this hungry earth of settled albeit forever problematic yours, oh mud-thirsty Ireland of mine, snug as a gun serenThese metaphorical bullets will dive time again and drive and kill these harvest-stealers and stalk a way out from inner beneath – unearth a far better life for themselves, finally found til many a locality is back in the gain

Recession, what recession!?