Perhaps the handsomest man across this rather analytical planet of ours
But do not fret, my friends, for I have yet to lose the complete run of myself
I speak only of this such subject because a certain somebody requested so much
A middle-aged lady with both love and lust driving her on all of these years
“I mean, WHY ALWAYS WOMEN? Seems to me, at least, that you do indeed need to unearth your each and every market, set sparks a-flying for the female half of our all too imaginative population…
Trust me, a sumptuous decision on your part, placing one such man right at the middle – earmarked wholeheartedly by descriptive precision – may just be the unsuspecting thing to turn you into an overnight sensation…
So go on, quench our every thirst, oh chameleon poet… I do think ’tis really high time that you started to show it, heck… even so much as know it!”
I speak not of a wealthy man but a truly giving soul nonetheless, eager to impress you all entirely
Fire up inside a belly that just will not quit
Splitting a certain kind of aforementioned side-belly one minute at a time, laughter up there on an absolute par that can somehow, anyhow, manage to make even those most peculiar and harrowing days feel a little more able
Looks won’t hurt one bit either, of course
Salt ‘n’ pepper locks aside a rustic beard – the way of the world or so it does seem
Teamed rather questionably at first with a chiselled glassjaw, albeit no Brad Pitt, no Johnny Depp
Thaw yourselves, ladies!
Perfectly ill-equipped, stripped of all his tomfoolery
Goes way deeper than that altogether
Spreading his gregarious personality with natural aplomb, Rome wasn’t built in a day and he knows as much
A silkened touch which lends itself to your delving all of the further
Words which will no doubt scripture your lifelong procedure
Hand-in-hand, side-stepping the storm that always flickers someplace, anyplace
Managing to lick a thumb, a forefinger, and to dab it clean
I know that this particular man really does mean oh so goddamn much to you and yours
Here you are, my friends
Feel free to steal my each and every word