Definitely the sexiest thing I may have seen today
No two ways, just cannot seem to displace it from my roving minds-eye
Sure I’ll somehow, anyhow, find a way by the very end, but right now is plain downright ridiculous
I watch her sleep oh so soundly, albeit at the exact same time via a silent whimper of sorts
I really ought to want to touch her but I daren’t do so much
For this is proving far better off, perfectly out of reach
Teaching myself one such lesson in age-old restraint
But that soft blade of blonde hair which floats above her quivering lip – barely there, only just enough
Then comes the all too hypnotic case altogether of her tight-fitting cream cotton underwear
A million-and-one romantic bones in her body even if I do all of the writing
You see, it came from her entirely, never me

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