Copious packets of cigarettes because it is all that I know right this minute
A jettison of regret sounded out oh so fragrantly
Downright addiction took hold a long time ago
Wayward plumes of smoke aside a perfect bourbon
However, the words still forever continue to flow, I continue to choke
A dope with rusty old eyes, a thousand people waiting for that wanton demise
No disguising pure tomfoolery
Diversified, a hybrid with no such cop on; a lid, please, to cap his wicked ways!
They said that I’d be the one to pay, but they are the ones who come to pay, eagerly play
For a thousand books, really don’t care where they end up, neither of us
Alone, just like their grand master
Each and every one of you took my madman words and ran with them
Do you see it now, can you see the playpen I created oh so carefully, overflowing with a different kind of hybrid
Here I sit – hummin’ ‘n’ hawin’, longing for something but I don’t quite know
Fearful of God I eventually reap what I sow