Best in a long line
Of restaurants
Three towns over
Johnny & Catherine
With all of the people
The finest fish from the coast
Gets delivered at the crack of dawn
All the way from Castletownbere
Reputation’s a sensation
Word on the street…
Through the grapevine
There’s a brand new waitress
Name’s Henrietta
A wicked name
But a wonderful woman
Acres & acres of energy
Pretty face
But nowhere near pretty enough
To make Johnny stray
So they say
Serves the finest fish
To the happiest people
Chatting ‘til the cows come home
Catherine worries about Johnny
Who spent last weekend working with the new waitress
But nothing happened
He told her
All they did was drink Craft Beer
After hours
Truth is
Johnny kissed Henrietta
Because Catherine was away
& that was the time when he tended to stray
“I blame the Craft Beer!”
Always blame the Craft Beer, thought Johnny
No wonder he stocked up on the stuff
More often than not
Crafty f**ker