I cannot blame you for these many peculiar things, for you just seem to bring something or another with you
By all accounts feel perfectly free to roar on into my harrowing everything because I have been solemnly wishing and oh so silently waiting
Problematic in a way, perhaps, yet my utter lapse in concentration can in fact turn out to be quite sensational
I promise you this, a beestung instigation second-to-none
Highly implemented
Above all else we need for the criss-crossed and lovelorn pair of us to delve a little, or a whole lot deeper
I may be a momentary creep sitting amidst these pock-marked evenings right about now, but you need to promise to keep me close to your wicker heart – I am undoubtedly the missing part
And smile
Let us try and start all over again
And please, attempt as best you can to remember way back when – strawberries and crazily whipped cream in the spring-time, feet dug deep in the soothing sands
These particular homegrown memories carefully lending themselves to nothing but sublime
On a shoestring or ten maybe, however many a soliloquy part altogether parcel-wrapped and heaven-sent
I hold the rhyme, and you just have to be my sole reason