I most certainly could, days when all I think about is pizza, chips, the lot
Then I have to remember I’m thirty, unable to overindulge, dive right in
But tell me this, is it really something of a sin to eat so unhealthily, go against the grain in not remaining trim?
You’d wanna be pretty damn hardcore when it comes to what you eat if you want to remain trim to the gut, lentil and lettuce your only must
But a pizza now and then can’t be too bad, can it?
Tell you this much for nothing, I’ll feel oh so glad when I don’t have to check my ‘gut’ every time I take a bite out of something that makes someone complain, go “tut, tut, tut!”
Piss off, let me eat what I want, I won’t overdo it, I swear
Sit at my chair, watch a good film and enjoy it all, lose any idea of momentary despair
Christ tonight, if I am writing a poem about wanting to eat so much I may indeed be using my recent health fad for something of a crutch
Really, I dunno