Sure I am trying, not so very hard, rather extremely carefully
I do indeed seem to approach my each ‘n’ every single line with mathematical inclination – a few too many of you have said so much, it to be seriously sensational
But, trust me, I will never, ever get to know
You and I, we do always need to go toe-to-toe
I ain’t no Christy Brown, got the talent, perhaps, but no such painted upon frown whatsoever
Wounded in my very own special way, why I get to finally understand the very monstrous struggle of his each ‘n’ every day
No doubt gregarious
I pray that some day soon some of you will opt upon dipping on in, thin your age-old assumptions
Kneel with me and read all over again
All I was ever given was this pen, gnawed to a real point of no such return
Waiting to earn it wholeheartedly

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