Of course I feel oh so sorry for her, how could I not
I mean, I don’t understand depression, despise the God awful word in fact
You’re depressed you’re a failure, you must be deserving of it in some way or other
What a terrible way to think I finally admit to
Especially for someone prone to mental health issues all of his own
OCD and depression, surely not so far apart when it comes to a lifeline of sorts
An atrocious lifeline but a lifeline nonetheless
I ought to take my head right on out of my ass and see these things for what they really are, absolute curses on the soul of a perfectly able person
Able and far, far more, I have a feeling
You see a person in a wheelchair, you know what they are going through
Lord knows that doesn’t mean it’s easy
However, you see a person having to deal with problems inside of their own head and you just cannot piece it together
I don’t blame those who don’t understand, they’ve been lucky enough to not have been tarnished in any way by that particular brush of distastefulness
Let alone imagine just how difficult that jigsaw is for them
Piece together why it is they need to be this way
So yes, I have definitely been guilty of being ignorant, ridiculously ignorant in fact
Sit with them, take them on out of it as best you can
Do the very best that you can do, no-one ever asked for any more, sometimes less
Don’t be that person who lets them stew in their own filthy train of thought
I ought to step on up to the mark and try and understand a little more
The least I can do given over to the fact my own mother is one such sufferer
I’d give anything in this world to see her smile again, to pull her up and out of her own particular hellhole ’til she sees the sun for what it is once more
Not a false, painted up yellow dot, albeit roasting, in the corner of a blue sky that is surely telling her a lie all of its own
Reality needs to trump this God awful line of fiction
All in an instance might be nice