Got talking to a mighty fine artist today, took a little time out to see what it is that makes you or breaks you
This is what one of Clonakilty’s finest had to say, “take a step backwards, see that in a few short weeks people were reading, even as much as anticipating your next line, and that’s absolutely fine, nothing wrong with that… so cherish the smile and keep writing, less about the money, all about strong rhyme”
Good advice when coming from someone who knows, someone who, from the set-up of her gallery, doesn’t get a feeling of absurd disappointment when a painting priced at six grand doesn’t shift
But this is the thing, this is it, what do I need to do to take my readership numbers from a few to an uncountable amount, not about the money, far more about the acknowledgment for me
Whether or not everyone admits to me being a linguistic gymnast, I need to keep writing, fighting the all too overwhelming feeling that I need to make it overnight, guarantee myself this early whirlwind lasts
There are no answers, and besides, if that does happen who’s to say I won’t get an almighty fright
Anyway, that is all I have to say when it comes to my day of trying to figure it out, but please be sure and give me a shout if you do know what to do, before I grow bored, my once fascinating words coming out in an atrocious slew