There’s a silent strength in them; these people who seem to seek to carry a crazy ability with them. Silent in so far as others are included in the whole thing. But I’d say there aren’t too many artists, really, well and surely worth their salt for talent alone who can handle how most people act. And it is not the other person’s problem or fault at all, not one bit. In fact, it is down to the artist, most probably. I think they get consumed with the fact sometimes that a lot of other people do not understand their need to be creative. I suppose it’s exactly in a manner like someone who is in-love with waiting tables at a restaurant who adores the whole endeavour from start to finish. The artist might not get it, so, really, it obviously goes one of two ways. And at the centre-point between any two people this is most definitely whereby the connection either gets pushed or pulled in one separate direction and that will inevitably cause a fall-out. Or, and this is the delicate dance part, it stays doing this sort of… accordion-type movement, back and forth and flitting energetically between, and flirting with, either side of the centre-point between two people. Make sense?! Well, anyway, it does to me. Nauseatingly so 😆

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