The ones who keep referring to the fact that they don’t fit into any set category of person; they are the exact same ones who do actually fit into a particular category of people. Those who only ever, EVER think about themselves and their own thoughts and own hopes and own goals. I’ve blatantly been guilty of this, too, and I sure would like it to change immediately. Not a good place, to live with that kind of ego and utter… discomfort in a way, really. Because, well… ah, here! We are all different and I still dunno why on Earth I am searching for that unanswerable answer and to a question which no-one is asking me to answer in the first place. There can’t be an answer, really. Not when we are talking about a total of over seven-billion different and unique mindsets walking about the place. I didn’t wanna be any kind of a jaded-faced philosophiser type fella, so I’d really wanna dodge that particular curveball ASAP, for sure. I’ve got nothing new to add anyhow, just repeated stuff said in an attempt at a different way.

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