I never slipped – I simply took a two decade old breather and saw it all for its unbelievably angst-ridden worth

You will never, ever get to feel this unasked for, mind-togglingly barbaric pain, simply because disdain breathes a smart-apart heart of gold

Give up the ghost, no more haunting baby…

I’ve killed your utterly inordinate anxiety, enough times to build ten-thousand backbones of my once oh so goddamn carefree own

And, as all along, I’m coming home…

And ’til I sit and simply see it all for its bravado intertwined magical inclination, this shrinking violet sensation will fail to fire on all known cylinders

Yet, safe to say, I’m doing it anyway

Swear on your whole wide world, there shall never again get to be any hidden achievement quite like This

– Bliss interrupted by all of nothing, curtailing something marvellously well spoken, either way forth he goes, with said heart settled atop his silkenly suggestive sleeve –

And, so you do know, the agenda is absolutely free…
I’ve been meaning to make a difference – mirrored utmost importantly back upon me