Forever and a night
Spritely albeit yet to steal myself entirely away, have my most sobering day to date
Fate, please lend me your deliciously sought after whisper, even so much as a wimper will do
Just one phonecall from one such over-boisterous agent, they taking the time from their very own day to wax lyrical
Just this once
All up inside of my head, ’til sit still my beating heart for awhile, about to take part in one young boy’s steadfast dream of a lifetime
Sublime – the word I cannot but feel the utter need to use
Not even a necessity right now for a little trademark rhyme right after
Side-splitting laughter amongst my every peer, beating the life from anything I may have ever gotten to experience before
Acknowledgement, adoration striking an irreplaceable sensation right on up inside
I will indeed continue to write; all day and all night, ’til sit still my beating heart all over again
Place down your pen before going once more, dear poet
For you need to own it… most certainly know it
And you will