I lied – downright
Had to be done, take one person down while getting to mesmerisingly let another life soar like nothing they may have ever seen before
This deceit has been delicately stored all too resolutely within, can’t you see that I took you rather handsomely apart when you so much as weren’t looking
And now I’m rather proud to say that these things are par for the intrepid course
Taught to me by my very own father, a drunken sonuvabitch who twitched whenever they stitched him on up – where he seemingly got his need to harrowingly breathe via this aforementioned deceit I speak oh so sadly of
I’m a liar and I will pry into your ungodly everything – as I say, soon as you aren’t looking
You should be proud to fall by my haphazard feet
No time to retreat anymore, seeing as I’ve stored myself all too intricately within your soon-to-be agonised everything
You will scream and fall by the wayside, never, ever getting to flee the scene again – just try your best to remember when you stole MY everything…

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