He was right there, then so much as nothing
Strutting his bohemian stuff, enough witty banter to take the whole wide world on
Always on song a seriously inept compliment in complete comparison
Immaculate vision, needless to say academic precision which made even I appear something of a hardened also-ran
Fair’s fair, I never so much as admitted to being anything other than a rather reckless ‘poet’
And, just so you know, I will never, ever get to know it
Strutting my own carefree stuff, towing the line to what’s absolutely sublime
He – the instigator, I – no more, no less than a simple and utterly satisfied follower
Always be sure as sugar to carry the leader upon open arms
How we watched those beautiful ladies swarm in complete unison though
Correct decision of their own accord
Warming your every brand new cockle all courtesy of one delightfully solidified template at an inspiring time
Fate had us together for all of a decade, delicately put in place
I do miss that face – made for the London high-street it must be said
A disgrace that he has now been taken away from all of us
He gave me my last slice of life – bread namely – when I was left down on my luck with but a rotten crust to speak of
Metaphorically, of course
Could butter you on up oh so very perfectly

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