The other day
No way back, seemingly so no way on through these ghosts of my disastrous past
I’m reeling quite ferociously at the rancid nature of it all
I have of course fallen before and it was oh so fucking atrocious
Most of them won’t even get to know
This single feeling tearing my immediate family and I terrifically asunder
Blunders left, right and centre
Our universe devoid of any real thirst there for a fair crazed time – twenty years or more
I’m relatively so still brinking it out upon your angel-wing shoulders right now and it very nearly feels fantastic
And so you know I am wholeheartedly sorry for that agonising feeling of particular disdain on your part
Thank you… I defend my family
You told me I had art coursing through me – to search afar ’til allocating this real surefire feeling that finally has me reeling oh so wonderfully
Pull my string and get to watch me soar
Pour all over this visually impaired world
It tweaks again – now and every other day
They do seem to say that the farther you fall the better the sparkling bright treasures which might await you right at the end of your peculiar pain
My tears are real yet they are nothing but a must to show you and your chosen few just how far I can fall before getting to dry these eyes right out

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