It’s all gone a little musical for sure
Something about it, each and every instrument on show right there before you
A singer with a voice so ridiculously pure
Hard to know what it takes to have your music heard by all
A million and one fans standing tall, prepared to go that extra mile to make it
Do you need to forsake certain credentials, I don’t know
The singer sings, an instrument all on its own
The bassist, guitarist, they just seem to know what to do
But which instrument is it that takes you over the line
Obviously the one with enough talent to make you really dance, the one in the middle which, whether the rest know it or not, pays for fine wine following a show
A lot of talent, a lot more luck, almost impossible to make it unless you’re in it to absolutely win it
Just up to you whether that means a million in the bank or a quiet and unassuming man coming out from the corner to thank you