We’ve been feeling all of these things for an unforgettable amount of time – pining and whining on dreaded constant like never before
All too frustratingly reminded
These fickle salts are dried right the entire way out, and I can only suppose the behemoth door’s finally been closed
Our wounds rather embarrassingly exposed
We’re standing and failing to deliver time again, trembling, try as we might to recall an immaculate, altogether fair pedigree whisper
Way back when the place was terrifically diluted
A momentary salute, oh so resolute and earnestly becoming
Can you ever get to remember
Primed right from us, must this just be so very downright contrary
When we said one thing and unmistakably meant another – lying soliloquy shoulders that can manage to tremble with the best of them, create a boulder magnificent
Alarmed and incredibly petrified right to the bone
Please, please smother me whole, go ahead and place a pretty little pink ribbon right round me ’til we get to go all over
This high-wired admittance of mine is almost dry, and there are nothing but wicker-work tears sent from the sudden heavens which drip ill-equipped from these sophomore eyes
I think I need you one more time

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