When the whole damn thing came back together again – one fairytale admittance at a painstaking time
You held your rhyme, I, my absolute reason
We ticker-taped the whole waywardly corrupt thing back together
Coaxing and downright choking if needs be
Weathered every single ungodly storm known to man
If anyone can then we sure as hell can
Immaculate and ready to tie this pink ribbon oh so fastidiously – grit our teeth and bear it like the supposed warlords that we were just born to be
Who said pain didn’t have a surefire way out from beneath this replicated shroud
When a backbone builds itself on up of it’s own utterly unsuspecting accord
Like I say, warlords extreme by our very own high-wired admittance
Perfectly drenched and prepared to go all over again – smile unbeknownst and permit ourselves everything

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