But I did not shoot for necessity
It was all about a prerequisite with placing an utter and adamant smile upon my face
Laced myself on up, both suited and booted to go
‘Til falling upon my very next victim
Smiles all of their own accord about to be entirely, direly sounded out
Hidden behind a wall, I place out a hardened foot, watch them fall oh so far
Strike the life from them courtesy of my favoured stanley blade knife
And another lonesome life goes to ground
No longer able to pound any such pavement
Families inside of their light-filled apartments just over the road
Anticipating their loved-ones strolling back on through that door
About to be found out, this absolutely nothing they might have ever imagined
Painstakingly dreaded tragedy
Pure magic for me, perhaps not so much for them
I sent myself here, thirsty for my late-night score all over again
You will be number thirty-two and it will feel oh so very right
I see you, up all the night, wining and dining rather fantastically
Then, and only then, do I decide to step on into your fantasy-filled life and slay it before proceeding to hide it
Despise me but you never get to see me

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