You and me, no two ways, we were just meant to be, with a smile that absolutely took me for miles, whether happy as hell or feeling entirely lost at sea
A mesmerising face, that atop so much Goddamn grace, to this day people still say to me that you carried around with you an unmatched groove, one of the best days of my young life when we decided to move in together, a shoddy bedsit, perhaps, but we had our wits about us, to settle scores I went and told the cursed landlord with his overpriced plot that you were my wife
Dressed to impress, the belle of the ball, there for us all to see, come Valentine’s Day many an unknown man, a stranger wrote it in words, just had to have their undiluted say
We wined and dined, spent the most part of our time picking one another’s brain, it wasn’t too long ’til we learned that we were, in fact, two peas in a pod, cut from the very same cloth
I often wondered what it might be like to have a daughter with you, a pretty little girl who shares more than a few of your quirks, things that would undoubtedly one day make me stand on my tippy-toes, needing to keep a watchful eye out for the inevitable spray of jerks barely worth mentioning, funny ones with an unquenchable thirst
The memories are clean, pristine even, but now that you’re married I might need to hold my cards a little closer to my chest, silence is golden, especially if I ever want to impress my latest conquest
That’s all they have been ever since,  no more than high and dry, bed-hopping conquests
Goodbye, you will forever be on my mind, banked away for a better time