And she lost herself for damn near twenty-three ficklemost years where nothing amounted to anything, and then there was He – who took her floundering worth and strung it right by a shy and seriously wanton for destruction side

These people walk hand in snide hand – bones crushed barbarically beneath this ringed finger exterior

Lies created amidst the whitest of ailses

She cannot feel her feet and he loves it so very much…

With these flowers you find in a vase, I mean next to none of it and your people fail to see me for the real zero – I am a ninety-nine percent hero via my very own kaleidoscopic eyes

The time is nigh about to break the boundaries, where suddenly She stands upright, finds these pretty little manicure-faced feet

Reaches to steal back everything when NOTHING WAS FAR NEARER THE TRUTH – She places her tennis shoes on ready to cause a racket