Just one tattoo and she took all of me away
Completely, then wholeheartedly
With words emblazoned upon her chest which said so much
And I did, for all of a night
Didn’t ever think I was the kind but, turns out, I was
Rooted to her freeze-frame spot, prepared to kiss each ‘n’ every last subtle ink-blast
‘Til getting to reel oh so perfectly
She had me at the simple downward/upward blink of a manicured Burton-esque eye-lid
Then the rest, as I will now depict, took care of itself
She red-ribbons me to her makeshift shelf whilst kissing me from head-to-toe
Peering on over my bare-freckled shoulder, I finally get to see the real me…
My words in blackened print and framed rather masterfully
Seemed I was about to sleep my way right back down to the dastardly bottom
Don’t even get me started on that…


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