This little girl is unbelievably otherworldly
Given to them on a tremendous whim, some sure will get to say that luck fell their way
While those more open-minded will hold their happy hands up in the air, gladly admit to pure unadulterated bliss
Far, far more, and certainly no problematic less
This thankful to the last lady will press her crying child against her heaving chest
While try only ever as she might do to pen a love letter of thanks
For the touch of magic which will manage to impress her oh so courageously from here on ’til – precious memories breathing of their own
Now and every other monstrous day bestowed upon, unraveling tremendously – because somebody took the time all by themselves to make their very last breath count for every single thing from here on in
I will cradle this child like she is the last thing on my mind, the last thing and the very first

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