When did it start to get oh so very magical
A fair tragedy that they had to fall but we saw all of it coming – running on empty the whole lot of them, just their particular song was never, ever going to stand the test
Truth be told I’ve been left far more impressed by these mere also-rans
Bold admittance on my surefire part but I was never, ever doing this by half
Have to laugh at those less able, ferociously inept and admittedly writing ‘only for themselves’
Quench that goddamn cradled crutch of pedestrian wandering, a constant inability to bring it to the very next level
Maybe I get to see them on my own relative fall upon the enticingly tethered ladder below
My moment to breathe
Toe-to-springboard toe, I’ll go all over again if needs be
So you know, each one of your mundane day-to-day conversations fed this on into me
Seems you’re the real heroes in managing to meet me exactly half way
Yet still their solid reminder smirk on tripping southwards will let me know to
Take everything I once had right the whole way back

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