Comfort in cause and effect and they take a poxy, unhealthy cigarette smoke
To choke their conversational pieces midst this – the sweet Camden Exchange
All of these working days have been beneficially numbering themselves insane and it feels kinda real
Don’tcha simply think? Weekend means an end to the penniless pursuit, when the truth and all of the artists come back to life
Erstwhile gIn N tOnIc, that upside down, flavour-driven vice set sail til serendipitous aside altogether fair memorably shy-locked inside, so you do know it …
And these bohemian, multi-faceted, facially expressive girls with a twist in their curl will walk on into the whole wide Empire of Music
Whelan’s – a most scintillating expedition on wheels, but for a simple hop, skip ‘n’ tipsy-turvy hand-clasp so far as the musical venue of dreams
Wherein these drunk ‘n’ decidedly improper, romantically pierced ‘n’ delicate-as-a-rose musicians wax motherfucking lyrical until, until, until…
Untie them, please
And let us sway our red-ribboned hips whilst we start to tempt ‘n’ genuinely tease the twist of our adolescent lips again…
The other creative person – they are in-love with the colour of the matching, enrapturing use of the technically upright standing staunch ‘n’ stood correct use of the turnover word
On a different kind of high and here we all appear to be – my, oh why does it have to finish with an early-a.m. goodbye? Sun-sprinkled, drinkable all of and on its own homegrown nature
And The Hill will take him home to pastures far quieter, wherein that bellowing, mellowing, eagle-eyed pen will wax all upon its own again
Silent time, one of two kinds, and he is considerate at being carefree incredible – posthumously indelible, so they may well begin to whisper within fine, fine circles and finally let themselves
Comfortably say it
That he means to be nothing but problematically real at being
Comfortingly imperfect at being
Dutifully entertaining.