All of these stacked-tall stories are something to be momentarily reckoned with.. as another artist picks up another easel and eases themselves inAgainst the lender’s lens of Life.

It’s been a huddle, a HuStLe, a bare-knuckle bUstLe… of monetary gaining

Put plain and as SIMPLE as can be —

Believe him when he says it- that his unidentifiable brain has been to see-both-seize the other side of antagonised aGoNy and it feels decidedly… wonderful and filled to the pUlsAtinG brim
Albeit dependent on a tiny pink pill..

—- with undeniable levels of upside-down, right-way-round smiles

It has in-FACT been… carefully-both-cautiously calculating itself and to a point-of-view which NO-ONE can EVER get to know of..

Its stiflingly expressive ability to see-both-SEIZE:

“Everything and at a preyed-for-pace: of utterly slowed-down emotion

What he did to cease One WHOLE OceAn is beyond anyone’s notion” Fact: he’s basked

In tidal waves of pain only he holds NO SUCH SHAME