– I have a kinda… messed-up, maybe you could say, fond place in my head(not heart particularly 🤷‍♂️ ) for the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’. For John Nash, the main-character and played by Russel Crowe, and how he still managed to create beautiful and amazing mathematics throughout his lifelong struggle with schizophrenia 🎉

They watch themselves prepare to watch the other people particularly prepare themselves yet again —

This indistinguishable time- as “ALL OF THESE EYES… rIoToUsLy RE-arise for NOW.”

And the other person speaks… VIVIDLY with each of T-H-E-M… there… ANTAGONISED people.
Of particular MiNdBoGgLiNg priorities…

“I HAVE been trYiNg, AvIdLy, to make MOLEHILLS out of MOUNTAINS yet again!! Can you not simply SEE IT YET, though?!

… That I’ve been sitting with this heaving LOAD of artistic WiTs all on MY OWN… … and valiantly attempting, TENUOUSLY..

To s—-plit(!!) the deafening difference between— Me, and MotherFucking HIM!”

It appears to We that “HE” actually appears to have been… an utterly unASKED FOR MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION OF HELLISH ASSOCIATION with regards a CluSterFuckINg imBalaNcE… … …

Of beautifully Born and Neon-LIT(!) brain..

Schizophrenic patient… “here he goes AGAIN. With his plain-sailing ability to SIMPLY REMAIN

… Iconoclastically HAPPY — as these BEAT-BACK dEmonS eventually will,
extinguish themselves from his wrought-iron reality.

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