What it has taken is forsaken time again, times tooMANY(!!) The outlandishly ambivalent nature of a NurturedToTheLast MasterPEACE can— In fact(—-)

Attempt to outLAST ANYthing else Which came beforeIT. “There’s a who’s-WHO(?), a WHO-fucking-dunnIT(?!) in there somewhere”

Over-ambitiously speaking, THESE are the VERY-same ceaselessPeople to have..

Antagonised themselves and to a most unPARDONABLE POINT; what is happening is.. quite honestly… … a feeling of deceptive AND TwIsTeDinebriation
Shared despicably between (two HeartHAPPY human-beings)

And it seems to have its very own STATE-OF-lOpSiDeD-mind, indeed; no words but for
The Warbling of WaRrInG words / and ALL of their OWN personalised accord(.)

It L-I-E-S… “At the VERYheART of their aRt, actually. And it IS rambunctiously misplaced, or, at least, SEEN TO HAVE BEEN..”

SEEMS that we have been to SEE something ratherOutOfThisUniverse, and it appears to have had itsVERY ownSenSe of Verse-TASTIC affect in there——)) someWHERE(?!?!?!?)

The only thing to do now, is to achieve everything minus TheAbility To ThinkAboutAnyTHING