If they’ve been looking for anything then it’s the need to necessitate all these other comical things, they were gaining a state of upwardly+dimension when we decided toMENTION- “their

State of u-t-t-e-r betrayal.” • If it’s really meant to’ve been, then that’s ******* f-i-n-e and DanDy: these hella~randy and Ransom-held, slightly LITTLE criminals” ~ ~ ~

It’s bordering on outrageous now, • how we did this and then, and now A-N-D… ahem… “H-O-W(???)”

in the name of sh*t were they ever E-V-E-N(!!) supPOSED to jiggle-it-all-about and get themselves “H-I(!!)” on all kinds

Of A JuMbLeD uP life? • We did not mean to make you f-e-e-l away~with~the~FaIriEs at all, not e-v-e-n for a mere EAGER nanoSECOND of our time(!)

And, Yaaaaah.. • it IS credibly+CRIMINAL what has happened to our… intriguing minds === >> > that lukewarm to S-U-D-D-E-N-L-Y(?!) so very HOSTILIZED state+of+mind. “However, We ARE here, listening endlessly… to

—->>>TheSound of Sputnik&CO… Attempting to make it UP as we go.