Play me on in soon as you feel ready
So you know, I’m all too prepared to turn the whole damn thing on it’s terrifically dreaded head
Watch the whole thing crash oh so disastrous-deliciously
‘Til every single someone will, in fact, eventually get to fear the very first moment we came to the fore
Absolutely sugar-filled and reeling oh so typically – cannot, will not, steal this peculiar candy from this particularly rampant and cross-eyed baby
Filled with replication-disdain
Pouring on into their every crucified vision – About To Be
I am the staunch and harrowing cross – forever managing to narrow the way
They – my every slaughtered arm, leg and torso all over – pasty and perfectly distant
Oh so deservedly sent to die immediately right before these seriously soothing eyes
All a lie
Teardrops falling at an uncountable mile an hour, we will throw down their forever-flower – thorned to the goddamn last
Blast the very centre of your sorrowful soul
Pierced to within a centimeter and all of their very own accord
We ought to celebrate ‘cos fate seems to have played its incredibly fickle albeit flavoursome nonetheless card
And, know what, we’ve won
Someone, anyone, finally getting to see just how hungry we may have always been

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