Dunno what it is
But I’m afraid
Afraid of too-deep poetry
It spells danger for me
For others it seems to sell them a thing of beauty
They swim the ‘barrier reef’
Smiles as bright as the plankton nearby
To me
It all looks a little too like an animation
False reality
A creation
To me
A deep dive in the ocean brings about fierce fish
Giant turtles who hold a grudge
Far fiercer fish…
Sharks that won’t budge
‘Til you’re their dinner
That’s the hardest part
When I tell you I’m blue
What do you think
I think I’m down and out
Whereas some people
Imagine the clouds surround the sun
Not a nasty existence
Where when it comes to their happiness there’s none
You see
The rhyme keeps me safe
Away from deep waters
Mine’s a somewhat linear line
I know
A line is a line is a line
But mine’s more linear than that
No such sidesteps
A way of bringing things full circle
Back to reality
Safe and sound
Away from the dangers that lurk underground


I smirk when I read too-deep poetry
It’s not for me
I believe these people to be emotional shipwrecks
Or maybe it’s me who should be giving them the respect
If a poem doesn’t rhyme it’s not a poem
My tuppence worth anyway
Can’t say fairer than that
Or am I the pretentious rat
The unsure one
I need to remember this
Either way
Nobody’s standing behind me with a gun
Informing me of what to do
I don’t have to rhyme
Or use my all too common puns
Time to test myself
How about I throw on the proverbial wet-suit
And let myself fall


I’ll get going on that
Write a too-deep poem
And as soon as you read it
Can you give me a call
And feel free as a bird to divulge all
Of your thoughts