Pull me in and spit be right back out – just the way I goddamn like it
So very much it truly is unbelievable
Never seen nothin’ like it before, so they all seem to feel the surefire need to say
Pain ‘n’ utter turmoil all par of my fair hostile discourse in life – my wife, she admits to my having a wanton lust for crazed destruction
And, guess what, I will wholeheartedly agree with her ’til there does come a time to shine this particularly rigid torch upon her face
I will lace on up her next drink before getting to sit back down and watch it tear her every inside out
You see, for each angel there does indeed need to be a devil of sorts – did your own doting mother ever tell you so much!?
Otherwise, trust me, there’d be no real rthyme, no severe reason

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