Take a moment to unravel all hard work persisted at breakneck speed – this has been anything but simple, a way from under beneath

These medals are only ever spangled in gold-coloured enthusiasm inside the cleaner parts of your brain, and we can feel the overwhelming come-up-for-air touched and deathly held captive by puppeteered forever, glitch-ridden despair

The doom shall loom on the easiest day known, seems to be, seems to me, that you are pleading with next to nothing aside memory crucifying everything – are you really all there, or clutching at the most beautiful and paradoxical part of your class/A brain, tarnished with unfathomable, balancing act sadness

This is to unknowingly obsess and vomit-inducingly compulse, to convulse til creating the disorder all over again… These masterfully imaginative mannerisms never cease to amaze, blaspheme your singularly pile-driven

When the switch flicks and you fall invisible
All of this soon as you thought you were improved – over the hill and faced with mental Everest yet again
Most of us stop whereas it never turns off…
Like Mandella sent shackled ‘n’ shorn to Robin Island prison for nothing else he ever did – exact same rapturously awares feelings

Nauseating, confusing – above all else you did not decide for this