We were tricking our creative apex of self again into believing, headstrong and all

In something oh, so differential, actually, and CertainlyDoveTailed in pink(…)

They did this with their own state of awareness whilst the remainder of them.. “talked about the need for the week to end itself on a strong and Powerful Note(!!!)”

Musically sPEAKing, we cannot latter-day alter everythingLike Before: just that… our oppositeNumbers do not(!!) appear to be all thatAttractedORattractiveAnymore(…)

That’s it, really; a crucifiedCrucifix(to the remoteness of throat)which couldn’t get itself fIxEd and, YET.. we have

“EarnestlyDevelopedSomething… outlandishly real.” And just like rubbing a penny to its death.. the Hard-graft has been seen.. and the copper FlIckErS A-fLaMe of bluish-GREEN