When was it that everything became oh so very tainted, proceeding all on its own to becoming oh so dreadfully tarnished
Utterly rubbished!!?
You did reassure me that all of it would be alright, that we would indeed reap what is oh so very grandiose in and around what turned out in the first place frustratingly minute
“Just give me a little more time,” or so you said
“And you can rest-assured that we will soar before too long.”
So sure of yourself but how goddamn wrong could both you and I really have been!?
Seeing it now for what it truly is… finally!
Agonisingly akin to the predisposed crawlers who came before me: far too keen, opening ourselves up to your rather nasty and distasteful allocation – monstrous!
You turned that all too alluring ignition and choked out our weakened hearts right from the start
One quick twitch of your finger at a time
And now, here I sit, questioning you to be nothing but a thief
Beautiful and spritely… teetering oft aside what claims all by itself to be precariously frightening
God awful
Off and away with another such man!?
Thinking some more, you were the absolute belle of the ball albeit ridiculously soft
With a dreary undertone like nothing the next in line – the next massacration looking to impress you entirely – may have ever gotten to see before
Saddened to say it but I do pray you smother then quench Him all over again